Tennessee Walking Horses in Michigan

Lynn Henschell Stables is located 40 miles northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We breed, raise and show naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horses.  We sell a few colts, pleasure and show horses.

Our horses are trained the old fashioned way, by riding, riding and more riding. We have never, ever ridden our horses in chains, action devices or used unnatural methods. The horses are generally outdoors summer & winter in pastures with water and run-in sheds. Our show horses are put in the care of Patriot Acres Farm in Stamping Ground, Ky, owned by David Clark who is also the trainer. His number is available should others want to contact him about training. We have long advocated for the sound horse, my first letter to the VOICE was published in 1971 in support of necessary changes on behalf of the welfare of the horse and that belief and practice has never waivered.



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